Chesbung LED Light Strip Connector Kit, 10mm RGB LED Connector Includes L Shape Connectors, Extension Cable, Strip to Strip Jumpers, 4 Pin Male Connectors, 2 Way LED Splitter Cable, LED Strip Clips [Energy Class A++]

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 Premium material】: Led strip connector made of tinned copper and a PVC insulating sleeve that is soft and flexible. You can bend the wires to any degree. PVC plastic cover is stable and durable.  


 【Easy installation】: Easy installation, no tools, no welding required. LED strip connector set fits all 10mm 3528/5050 wide RGB LED strips. 5050/3528 4Pin RGB LED strip connector kit, plug in and play.  


 【Wide usely】: The connection between the LED band and the LED band, the connection between the LED band and the control unit, the connection between the LED bands and the splitter. to connect LED strips on the edge, under the counter lighting, makeup mirror lighting, TV backlight.  


 【Operating condition】: These LED tape connections support 0-4A current and 0-24V voltage input, thermal resistance level of 20-100 degrees.  


 【Package content】: 1* 2.5M LED strip light extension cable, 1*30CM 2 way led rgb splitter cable, 2* LED strip connector wire cable, 2* T-shaped connectors, 5* LED strip jumper connectors, 8* L shape connectors, 10* 4 pin male connectors, 10* gapless connectors , 12* led strip light clips  
 Specification:  This 5050 4 Pin LED strip light connnector kit provides the most parts you need for a DIY LED strip light project.

●L Shape Connectors is used when you need to spring your light strips around sharp 90 degree corner. Avoid twisting and potentially damaging your LED strip.
●The T shape LED strip connector is for 3 way quick splitter connection.
●The gapless led strip connector helps connect two RGB 5050 flexible LED tape light and strip segments easily and quickly without soldering.
●LED Strip Jumper Connector are fully bendable and are perfect for extending a run of LED light strip across a gap, around an obstacle, or for making a bend.
●LED Strip Connector Wire Cable for connecting RGB 5050 LED light and segments to LED RGB controller.
●2.5M LED Strip Light Extension Cable is used for connecting between RGB Controller and 5050 RGB LED strips and extending your LED strips to the ideal location you want.
●30CM 1 to 2 Ports Female Connection Cable for connecting 2 PCS of 10mm wide 3825/5050 color changing RGB LED strip lights to a single controller.
●4 Pin Male Connectors are widely used as connector between led strips and remote controller. Fit for RGB 3528/5050 led strip lights.
●LED Strip Light Clips is easy to fix the light strip by one screw, and take down the LED strip light from the other end freely when replace or maintain it.
 Package: 1* 2.5M LED strip light extension cable
1*30CM 1 to 2 ports female connection cable
2* LED strip connector wire cable
2* T-shaped connectors
5* LED strip jumper connectors
8* L shape connectors
10* 4 pin male connectors
10* seamless connectors
12* LED strip light clips